Finding God in Emotional Healing

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I believe that God is a god of intention. I believe that He is a God of infinite love. I believe that He wants what is best for all of His children and that He intentionally places people, experiences, and trials in our life so that we can ultimately achieve what is best for us. But because we are human, sometimes our emotions keep us from achieving that. Emotions like fear, self doubt, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, confusion, blame, resentment, etc.

This is why I feel so strongly about emotional wellness. This is why I blog, why I share my experiences, why I read and study so many books and programs and why I choose to live my life the way I do now. Yes, the tools that I use and the advice I share have all played a huge part in my healing. But It is only through the Lord that I have been able to come to this place in my life. It was only through Him that I was guided to learn all of these amazing things in the first place. I asked Him for help. I pleaded with Him to somehow help me uncover the person that I knew was buried under a mountain of emotional traumas. Traumas that can seem so subtle from the outside. But nevertheless, traumas that over time can drag you lower and lower and keep you from feeling true happiness and purpose in your life. Not to mention the physical issues they can cause. (Heart palpitations and chronic fatigue were two of my main physical issues that I never realized were related to my emotional issues)

I wanted something better for myself. I wanted to be a better mother than I felt I was being to my kids. I wanted to be a better wife. I wanted to feel more connected to God and to my true spiritual self that I had once known. I wanted to feel healthy and whole. I wanted to be able to better help family and friends who I love. I wanted to strengthen my relationships. I wanted to be able to love and accept myself not just despite, but BECAUSE of my weaknesses and I wanted to be able to forgive certain people in my life for theirs. I wanted to grow and prove to myself that I could do hard things. And part of that meant re-learning what it truly means to love unconditionally. Something I hadn’t experienced in a very long time because of my emotional struggles. I was ready create something totally different in my life. I was ready to release everything that was holding me back. And I wanted Heavenly Father to show me how to do this.

What came next was a journey of self development and self healing that I truly did not know was possible. I have been guided from one thing to the next. Still, every week I feel is like a new lesson learned, a new experience had, and more inspiration from The Lord comes to me, letting me know to keep going on this path. And because I have chosen to listen, I have had the most incredible experiences of others reaching out to me and telling me that they applied something I shared in conversation or in a blog post or a social media post and they have been amazed, seeing their own healing taking place and their lives starting to change for the better. It’s truly a testimony to me that this type of work on ourselves matters! I know and believe that it is so very important and that God CARES DEEPLY about our emotional wellbeing.

I believe that it is through our own emotional healing and self development that He is able to use us in a more spiritually impactful way. In a way that allows us to recognize and more confidently share our gifts and strengths and knowledge and testimonies with others. To build each other up and help each other grow.

But when we are disconnected from God and from ourselves, or when we consistently feel emotionally stuck, it can become difficult to remember who you truly are, to recognize all the amazing gifts you have to give, and to create something better in your life than what you are currently experiencing…or even to just simply feel happy. Sometimes that’s all we want. I know it because I have lived it. And I promise there is hope and healing waiting for you. Always.

Love, Morgan

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