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Hey there! It’s good to be back after a couple of weeks! My family and I have some exciting life changes happening but they sure are keeping us busy from week to week. We also had the opportunity to take our kids to the snow in central California before it melted, so we made sure we did that! Best day ever! Why are little kids all dressed up in snow gear so stinking adorable?? Seriously. Anyway, enough rambling. 🙂

So, this blog topic has been on my mind for a while. I often use the hashtag “createyourlife” at the bottom of my Instagram posts. And I often wonder how people interpret that. What does it mean to create your life? Have you ever sincerely asked yourself what you believe about that? Does it mean to “make things happen”? Does it mean to create a plan every day and do your best to stick to it? Does it mean setting goals and actually achieving them? Does it mean believing in something so deeply that you are bound to manifest it?

To me…Yes, I do think it means all of those things. But I think there are also some key parts of creating your life that many of us tend to overlook. And I wish these key parts were taught in school. I truly do. I wonder how much better of a start I would have gotten on my life! But that’s ok 🙂 Maybe someday they will be taught to students. For now, I’m just going to make sure I teach them to my own children once they’re old enough. So, here’s 3 things I believe are essential when it comes to the process of “creating your life”.

  1. CREATE YOUR EMOTIONS. We can do that?? Yes, we can totally do that. That being said, we all have circumstances in life that trigger thoughts and emotions which almost seem to happen without any warning. And it’s incredibly important to recognize, allow and process those emotions. But we also have the power to generate emotions within us by intentionally thinking, meditating or visualizing. We can create emotions on purpose. A simple example is how I feel genuinely sad and get teary eyed by imagining something heartbreaking happening to someone I love. But I can also make myself feel immense joy and excitement by imagining being on vacation in Rome with my husband. So why does this matter in creating your life? Because your emotions are what drive you to take action. They can either inspire you to go and create what you desire, or they can keep you stuck in a negative pattern of fear, doubt, and inaction. I’ve been really practicing generating my desired emotions every day for the past 7 months- the ones I often choose are Love, Gratitude and Confidence. And I can’t even express just how much this simple practice has healed me and has helped change my world for the better. It’s allowed me to create so much good in my life in so many ways.

2. CREATE YOUR STORY. You are not your past. You are not the story that people tell about you. You are not your mistakes, your weaknesses or your failures. You are not the things you constantly doubt about yourself. You are whoever you choose to be and your story is whatever you choose to write moving forward. This doesn’t mean denying your story, but rather “owning your story and writing a brave new ending”… as Brene Brown puts it. And don’t fall into the “but I’ve just always been this way” lie. Just because you’ve always had a short temper, or have always been too reserved to go after your dreams, or have always been an emotional eater (a battle I’ve struggled with my whole life), none of that means that you have to be that person for the rest of your life. You can love yourself despite the struggles you’ve had, and decide right now that you are going to change your story and create a new one moving forward! I know it can be scary to let go of a story that you’ve always told yourself. Your brain will even try to resist you changing at first. But once you get past that first part that feels a little uncomfortable… a whole new world of healing, intuition and possibilities will open up to you! That has been my experience.

3. CREATE YOUR ENDING. You may think this is similar to creating your story but it’s actually quite different. I’ll share a simple example of what I mean by this. Almost 5 years ago my husband unexpectedly lost his job. He job hunted and went to interviews for about 8 months. 8 very stressful months. I was watching him do this and trying to be the support he needed. But instead of just trusting and believing in the ending I wanted, (which was- that he would get a great new job that offered new growth experiences and would be a blessing for our family), I remember getting so hung up on the details of “how” this was going to happen and “who” would be the person or company to hire him. And “when” on earth would this actually happen?? Needless to say, my faith was tested. I caused so much stress and anxiety for myself by obsessing over the details that I truly had no control over. And when the time came that he finally did get hired, it ended up being an amazing opportunity that came with several blessings that were totally not expected and never planned for. It required us to move to Southern California which I also never saw happening nor did I ever want. But it has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. So my point to this is to help you see that all you really need to be focused on is the ending you want. Don’t stress trying to figure out the “how”. Just believe wholeheartedly in whatever you want to manifest. Do your part and The Lord will take care of the details. And often He will give you even more than what you were trying to manifest in the first place.

Love, Morgan


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