About Me


I’m Morgan. 🙂 Some people call me Mo. Two little ones call me Mom. I’m a stay at home wife and mother in Southern California and I love that job more than anything. (Most days!) But I am also a book and podcast lover, a fun seeker, a plant grower, and a pretty darn good cook. I love being with people and serving anywhere I can. Good music and fall weather make my soul feel alive. I’m definitely my happiest self when I’m traveling with my family to the beach or the mountains. And I’m definitely my grumpiest self when I get woken up. OR when I pour a bowl of cereal and then realize there’s no milk! #worstthingever
Ok, enough random things about me!

I created this blog because I felt inspired to share my experience with finding mental and emotional balance by learning to better utilize my mind. This probably seems pretty obvious.. It actually is fairly simple but I know so many of us go through life not understanding how to do this. I’m a firm believer that many things in our lives can improve if we just start with our minds!

For so long I was never aware of my thought patterns or how my interpretations of certain experiences were affecting me so greatly in my life. So I’m here to share the knowledge I’ve absorbed and the personal experiences I’ve had that have allowed this mental and emotional healing to take place in my life.

I believe that we as humans and as God’s children have the power to live our lives with more Intention and to CREATE  the peace and joy we want. Even amidst our trials. We can have more meaningful relationships, take action on things we were once afraid of, and find inner strength and awareness that we didn’t realize we had. We can simply live a life of less confusion and fear.. and much more faith and confidence.

Our mental health matters so much. And the mind is a beautiful tool so why not use it that way!

THANK YOU for being here! I hope you find something that helps or inspires you!
Please feel free to reach out any time.
I would LOVE to be inspired by you as well! 🙂