From Self-Pity to Self-Awareness

This is the experience I wanted to share first because it is the first thing that opened my eyes to more self-awareness and allowed me to start having a deeper perspective into my life… and into my mind. (As I mentioned before I’ll often share personal experiences on this blog because I think that’s how many of us learn and relate best) I know I do as least. 🙂


I had just finished running a bunch of errands when I looked back and saw that both of my kids had fallen asleep in their car seats. Instead of going home I decided to go park at a little vista point near my house that overlooks the beautiful valley we live in. I was feeling emotionally defeated this particular day, which was not unusual for me. I was thinking about all the things that were overwhelming me in my life and everything I wish I could change but just couldn’t. You know the feeling I’m talking about.

The piles of laundry that were never ending, the unorganized areas of my house that seemed bigger than my ability to address, trials and heartaches that my loved ones were going through, my parents’ recent divorce, my own trials with marriage and motherhood, challenges that my husband was facing in his job, past experiences that I hadn’t fully gotten over, my constant lack of energy, my personal goals that sat untouched, my anxiety, the list went on and on.

 I sat there wondering if my life would ever stop feeling like this. Would I ever be able to get passed these things that seemed to weigh so heavily on my emotional (and even physical) wellbeing? Is this normal? I knew I had so much to be grateful for. But why can’t I ever seem to feel any peace? Why in the world do I so rarely feel joy or motivation?  Why can’t I get in control of certain things? Do I need to go see a doctor? Or do I just have to wait until my life circumstances change in order for me to feel better? These are the questions I was always asking myself.

 And sadly, I did believe that my job was to just wait. To just endure. To just hope for external change to possibly happen. Hope for things to get easier. Hope to feel happier. And my constant prayer was that The Lord would give me the strength and guidance to get through it all until I did. But this day something was different. I found myself wanting to do more than just “get through” it. And I fully believe that God was ready for me to do more than that as well.


 I often listen to podcasts when I’m in my car. But this time I decided to search for a new one. And long story short, I was led to the podcast of a brilliant life coach named Brooke Castillo. I had heard of her name and her work weeks prior and finally decided to see what she was all about. My first thought was… “What the heck does a life coach do exactly?” Well, have you ever felt like The Lord was speaking directly to you through someone else? Or like you’ve just learned something that you were always meant to understand? That is exactly what it was like when I listened to her. And I’m not exaggerating when I say within 45 minutes something inside of me started shifting! I went from feeling like a drowning wife and mother who was struggling with emotional defeat to feeling like I could freakin do something about it!! She explained things that I so badly needed to hear, understand and apply.

If you are familiar with Brooke Castillo’s work, then you know what I’m referring to. But for those of you who aren’t I’ll gladly explain the details and my experience with it in my next post on Thursday! (Otherwise this post would be ridiculously long.) The concept she teaches is based on years of research and study. She named it the “CTFAR Model”. It’s basically a simple equation of how life works, and what Brooke did is create a practical way to understand it and use it to coach ourselves through this thing called LIFE.

I’ll be forever grateful for this “brain tool” as I like to call it. It made me start asking myself some really important questions that changed everything for me in a very empowering way. I’ve been applying it in my life for quite a while now and I truly feel it’s one of those things I couldn’t live without. It is INCREDIBLY helpful and effective in helping a person understand what their brain is doing, what thought pattern or belief system is keeping them “stuck” in the same cycle of results in their life and how to change that! It’s also effective at helping a person understand their emotions and what’s causing them. And its an amazing way to help yourself change or adjust certain emotions that you feel aren’t helping you at all in your life.  Most of all… it helps one see that their circumstances do not have to control their mental and emotional wellbeing. And THAT is the Best News Ever!

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So, COME BACK on Thursday if you’re interested in learning the details! I’ll expound on how it works, what my experience has been with it and how it can also help you!

Love, Morgan

2 thoughts on “From Self-Pity to Self-Awareness”

  1. Thank you for this. It’s always nice know your not alone in your often overwhelming feelings and day to day tasks. That’s it’s not just hard for you, because on the outside, everyone else looks like they’ve got it all together.

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