3 Things That Can Help Anyone Improve Their Emotional Wellbeing

Photo by Daniel Xavier on Pexels.com

Over the years I’ve noticed that many people tend to have little nuggets of wisdom, or universal “secrets” that they carry with them throughout life. Some of these nuggets they’ve learned on their own through experience and others they’ve learned from mentors and/or ordinary people that have chosen to pass their knowledge on to them. I’m extremely grateful for those people. Those people who chose to share their knowledge rather than keep it to themselves. Those people who didn’t let their fear of judgement or criticism hold them back from sharing what they have to say. Because no matter how many people overlook it or reject it, there is ALWAYS someone (typically many of us) who need to hear it and benefit from it.

Today I want to share just 3 things from my rather long (and still growing) list of helpful life tools/skills/secrets/nuggets, that have majorly and positively impacted my happiness, confidence, and wellbeing.


I can’t stress this one enough. I talk about it continuously on my Instagram page (@intentionalpeaceandjoy) and am always sharing ways to manage what goes on in our brains. Over 60,000 thoughts go through our heads every single day and MANY of those thoughts are habitual, repetitive and negative. Most of those thoughts consistently come and go without us ever even taking a second to ask ourselves, “Is this thought true? Is this thought helping me in my life? Do I even want to believe this thought?” For example, a repetitive thought such as “I’m not enough” can have major effects not only on your mind but also on your body and your life. And you probably don’t even make the connection. But you think this thought enough times and it will become so wired in your brain to where you concretely feel and act on a daily basis as if you are not enough. It will inevitably affect everything you do and experience in your life to some degree. But this is where the skill of mind management comes in handy!

I’ve said before that this is the most liberating thing I’ve ever learned and I absolutely still feel that way. You learn to manage your mind by first becoming aware of the negative thought(s) your brain likes to feed you. I’d say pick one that you notice yourself having most often…and then you just simply ask yourself if you want to believe this thought or not. Help yourself see that it’s JUST a thought and that believing it is totally optional. When you’re ready, you can then lovingly redirect your mind to a better thought you can replace it with. Practice this enough times and you’ll see that it really puts you in control and takes away the illusion that your thoughts and emotions control YOU. They don’t. Unless you ALLOW them to. But be patient with yourself- I don’t know anyone who’s perfect at this mind skill 🙂


I’m not talking about your electric bill or when you think you need a caffeine boost! I’m talking about being aware of the energetic field that we all have IN and AROUND each of us. We’ve carried it with us our entire lives and it is a very real part of who we are on a mental, emotional, (and even physical) level. Some people don’t personally believe in energy or understand how it works, but that doesn’t change it’s existence or the affect it has on each of us every single day. To put it simply- EVERYTHING is energy.

Your thoughts are energy, your words are energy, your emotions are energy, the room you’re sitting in is energy, the person next to you is energy. We feel and pick up on energy all day long but most of us are not aware that that is what we’re feeling. When you say “this person (or place) has a good vibe”, what you’re talking about is the “energy” you feel radiating from that person or place. So how can being aware of energy be helpful to you? WELL… When you start becoming aware of it, you start to realize and take note of how much of a difference positive/healing energy can make for you in your life. You’ll start noticing how emotionally better you feel when you’re in certain places, or with certain people, or doing certain activities, or eating certain foods, or listening to certain music or books. Once you start noticing that, you’ll then naturally start wanting to CREATE more of that energy for yourself in your life. You’ll be more intentional with the thoughts you choose, the words you say, the things you choose to spend you’re time doing, the people you surround yourself with, etc. And THEN you may just want to go a little deeper and start learning ways to release negative, traumatic energy patterns that you have in yourself! And THAT is the most amazing thing ever. I will share more about that in a later post as it is something I’m very passionate about. 🙂


This can mean something different for everyone. But for me, it means knowing that there is more to myself and more to this life experience than what my brain can see and understand at this point. It’s knowing and believing that there is a higher power (for me it’s God) that is orchestrating the details of my life and is watching over me. It’s believing and knowing that there is so much to look forward to beyond this earthly life. Spiritual Security doesn’t mean you never have questions or you never feel afraid when life takes unexpected turns. I believe it just means that you are always willing to trust in a higher purpose, in a guided path, in your own intuition, and in the spiritual gifts you have inside of you. I’ve heard many people in my life say, “I’m just not naturally spiritual, I’m just not a very faithful person, I just have a hard time believing in things beyond what I can see.” But what I’ve learned is that being spiritually secure is really a choice you make. It’s something you work on and develop in little ways every day. And when this is how you intentionally choose to live your life, I believe it allows your mind to find both perspective and happiness much more easily than if you had no spiritual security or foundation. These are just my thoughts and beliefs. Take it or leave it 🙂

I hope you found these 3 thoughts/tips to be helpful! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments! I wish everyone the best in your journey with emotional wellbeing and creating greater peace and joy in your life. Have a beautiful weekend!

Love, Morgan

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