How Can Music Influence My Emotional/Mental Wellbeing?

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“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone cant.” -Johnny Depp

I’m sure this quote has been true for most everyone reading this. Music, at one point or another in your life, has probably touched you in a way that only music can. If you’re like me, you love music deeply and use it for all sorts of situations in life. I love listening to music when I clean my house, when I write, when I want to calm my anxiety, when I need to cry, when I want to feel spiritually connected, when I just want to sing, the list goes on and on.

More than anything, music has played a huge role in helping me heal from things in my life. It has been my therapist in a way. A safe haven. At my lowest lows I have turned to music, or reached for my guitar and just let my emotions play through my fingers on the strings. When I experienced my first real heartbreak in college, when I’ve had marriage struggles, when my parents divorced, when my father in law passed away unexpectedly, when my childhood home was sold, when I’ve simply struggled to let go- music has always been there for me.

Did you know that there are actually music therapists? I just recently learned this. They use music to help treat patients with Depression, Alzheimer’s, and Autism, as well as a number of other things. Music has the ability to trigger emotions, thoughts and memories in people. It also has power to help with developmental delays and impaired cognition. It has power to help heal us. Pretty amazing!

Along with music, we can find inspiration in lyrics. Something I have come to realize and appreciate so deeply is the way that lyrics can affect us. Certain lyrics speak straight to my soul in a way that feels like they were written specifically for my life and my experiences. They also have the power to inspire your mind and bring certain thoughts to you that can literally move you to take needed action in your life.

An example of this happening for me was one day when I was listening to Nichole Nordeman. Her song “Every Mile Mattered”. There is a part in it where she says… “It’s history, It don’t define you. You’re free to leave it all behind you. Every tear brought you here, every sorrow gathered. It’s history, and every mile mattered.”

Those words pierced my heart and opened my mind to a new perspective in a split second. I remember stopping the song and actually replaying that part. It helped me be able to see myself and my life in a new way. The thought and realization that I was literally free to leave certain things behind me that I’d been struggling to get past. I didn’t have to let any of it define my life moving forward or take up any more precious space in my mind. The realization that I could be grateful for certain experiences and hardships simply because they brought me here, but I no longer had to carry them with me. It was such a powerful epiphany for me. One of many moments of pure inspiration I’ve had all because of a simple song that spoke to me.

Never underestimate the power of music or the power of lyrics. Let them speak to you and work within you. Use them to enrich your life, to open your mind and to heal your soul. And they will.

Love, Morgan

4 thoughts on “How Can Music Influence My Emotional/Mental Wellbeing?”

  1. This was hands down your best article (the others were great, but this one was pure Morgan.) It flowed so well and captured my attention maybe because music speaks to us all. Great article!


  2. I’ve been scrolling through your blog and just wow.Music is the best way to feel and connect


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